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Qardhan Hasanan

The Qur'an strictly forbids taking or giving of riba (interest). One of Maulana's (TUS) most outstanding and unique achievements for the benefit of the community is Qardhan Hasanan, an institution which embodies the philosophy of Islamic economics and gives practical shape to it by preventing one from getting into a permamnent debt-trap. He has rightly directed us to abstain from transactions involving the giving or receiving of interest. This program allows the receiving of interest-free loans which provides a unique driving force for greater economic advancement. In addition to giving loans for economic and social purposes, the fund is utilized to promote and foster education and the acquistion of specialized skills.

Qarzan Application Forms

Please Note: The forms are the same as those for Burhani Qardhan Hasana Corporation

For any inquiries about Qardhan Hasanan, please contact:

Secretary: Shk. Raj bhai Izzee
Treasurer: Shk. Kaaeid Johar bhai Lokhandwala

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